Team Works

Make sure the entire team is moving in a direction that will yield strong business results and individual fulfillment. The place to start is with a baseline of current skills and competencies. Then map roles and jobs to required skills and begin to fill in the gaps.


Human Capital Ecosystem

Linking human capital strategy to financial performance starts with a holistic view that describes what required skills, knowledge, and behaviors impact corporate outcomes, like customer satisfaction and quality. We help our clients use this holistic view to articulate the most effective steps for value production. Download a free poster of the Human Capital Ecosystem.

Enterprise-wide Competency Mapping

Are required job skills and knowledge consistent across the entire organization? With people contributing to company productivity increasingly operating from widely dispersed geographies – both employees and contractors – it’s important to make sure competencies are aligned. We work with companies to map required job skills and knowledge to job roles.

Engagement Assessment

People commitment to the company mission and strategies makes a big difference in productivity outcomes. Our engagement assessment measures employee commitment and where and why gaps exist.

PowerSkills PRO™

PowerSkills™ are the skills of the future because they help your workforce be more agile and adaptable to change. Start with an assessment of your team’s current PowerSkills™ competencies. The PowerSkills PRO™ is a credible measurement that tells you where to concentrate soft skills training.

Workforce Overviews

Every profession is rapidly changing. Do you have the information you need to plan your talent strategy? We’ve created Workforce Overviews by occupation to help you plan workforce availably for the professionals you need. Add the Workforce Overviews of your choice to your downloads.

Making the Business Case for PowerSkills™

New Research of over 600 L&D leaders! A new study in collaboration with Human Capital Media demonstrates that 63% of L&D leaders say they have substantial knowledge gaps in soft skills – three times the number who see gaps in technical or functional skills. See what the best leaders are doing to address the gap.

Human Capital Ecosystem

Human Capital Ecosystem