The Human Capital Labtm  is the leading voice on the connection between education, productivity, personal fulfillment, and economic mobility.

Companies and organizations come to us to “crack the code” on how to hire and inspire talent for a symbiotic relationship that raises the bar for all.

Our resources are available to you in many ways:

  • Commissioned studies on specific issues at your company by knowledgeable, motivated, collaborative doctoral students.
  • Full access to all past research done by the Lab during different phases of the talent movement.
  • Community of Practice in Talent Development – join those that make sense for you, and benefit from the published insights of our COPs.
  • The latest insights into how national leaders are dovetailing education with productivity in the workplace, and the impact it has on individuals. Subscribe to the Human Capital Lab podcast now.
  • Opportunities to lend your expertise. Whether through a Community of Practice, or volunteering in another capacity related to our mission, we’d love to hear from you.

Human Intel

Human Capital Lab Executive Director Rich Douglas curates a monthly review of trade magazine articles, academic articles, and books to help human capital and talent development practitioners and scholars excel and evolve in their profession.

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