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Bellevue University’s doctoral programs prepare mid-career professionals to solve current problems across industries and to address the complexities of today’s business landscape with vision, knowledge, and clarity. Our doctoral students do not write traditional dissertations at the end of their programs. Instead, they complete research-based doctoral projects in the workplace that prepare them to be experts and thought leaders on specific topics.

The following searchable list gives you an idea of the kinds of work-based research Bellevue University students have conducted. If you would like to know more, contact us.




The Human Capital Lab is hosted by Bellevue University. The University offers several professional doctoral degree programs for people to advance their careers and their skills at the highest levels of their professions.

Academic doctorates come in two flavors: scholarly and professional. Scholarly degrees (typically the PhD) are designed for students to advance scholarship by creating and testing theory. Professional doctorates often carry alternative titles (Doctor of Business Administration or DBA, Doctor of Science, etc.), and are designed to advance practice in one’s field. Where scholarly doctorates are designed to start an academic career, professional doctoral students are advancing performance in the field.

By using the workplace as a research laboratory, they identify “real world” challenges, then design and test solutions to them. In short, they solve problems and create new ways of doing things.

Bellevue University currently has two programs up and running and is planning two more. Currently, Bellevue University has doctoral students in our Human Capital Management PhD and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programs. We are also designing and getting approval for two others, which we’ll describe here once they’re announced.

Yes, very much so. Most are mid-career, looking to advance their careers and their professions to higher levels.

We’re like an online meet-up. We gather inquiries from employers seeking support from our students, and students wanting to put their research interests out there for employers to consider.

Because the University’s doctoral programs are offered by distance learning, students can come from all over the country…and the world.

Yes. However, many have research interests that cannot be pursued in their current jobs, so they’re seeking other opportunities to conduct workplace-based research. They stay in their current jobs while also conducting their studies.

Nothing. The Human Capital Lab does not charge anything to employers or students for their participation. If an employer chooses to offer a stipend or to cover some costs, that’s between the student and the employer.

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