Communities of Practice

The Human Capital Lab Communities of Practice are engaging and enlightening groups of professionals with expertise in the study and practice of important segments of talent management and development. Meeting virtually and self-managed, these communities provide vital peer support and learning for human capital professionals from around the globe.

Currently, we are forming four Communities of Practice and encourage you to express your interest in joining us.

Aspiring and experienced talent developers in training administration, classroom instruction, instructional design, evaluation, and talent development management. This group is for people who have made a career of talent development, as well as subject-matter experts who have come into the field either temporarily or permanently. This includes people at all levels, from specialists on up to Chief Learning Officers.

People make organizations go, and the human capital managers who make that happen come to this community to exchange ideas and practices. From equal employment to payroll, from legal issues to ADA compliance, from attracting great talent to performance management and succession planning, this group will take on a wide array of issues representing the entire spectrum of HCM. Participants will include those just starting out in the field to highly experienced HCM leaders.

This group focuses on the direction, purpose, and accomplishments of businesses and organizations from all sectors. From creating a vision to strategic plans to carry it out to measuring success, even assessing external and internal strengths and opportunities, this group of aspiring and experienced strategic leaders strives to advance everyone’s leadership practices.

Delivering learning at a distance has never been more essential. Whether it’s designing, delivering, and measuring internal instruction to a far-flung employee base, or selecting the best external partners to accomplish your team’s learning needs, this group tackles a variety of challenges in this unique environment. This is a group of practitioners experienced in—and/or seeking guidance from—professionals delivering instruction by distance learning in organizational or university settings, whether it is for individual courses, certificate programs, certifications, university degrees, or internally developed learning experiences.


It’s a gathering of practitioners in a particular discipline who come together to share ideas, get support and information, and improve each other’s capabilities and performance. Each community takes on its own identity.

There is typically one or more facilitators for the community. They handle registrations, notices, and the meetings themselves.

Virtually using synchronous online meeting “rooms.” It will always be an option to meet up at conferences and events. That’s up to the members.

They’re from all over the world. Usually, a community starts out with a small core of participants, then grows through networking and word-of-mouth.

Initially, we’ll launch four communities in disciplines closely related to the Human Capital Lab’s mission:

  • Human Capital Management
  • Talent Development
  • Leadership
  • Distance Education

We’re looking for both community facilitators and participants. To get more information and to express your interests, click here.

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