You can’t manage outcomes if you can’t measure them. Work with the experts in ROI on learning.


ROI studies

More than 90% of C-Level officers agree that learning and development is essential to viability today and competing tomorrow. Yet, according to LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report, only 8% of CEOs say they see business impact of L&D programs. Even fewer (4%) saw a clear ROI.

This isn’t necessarily due to a lack of focus for learning interventions – but it’s definitely due to a lack of measurement capabilities. The Human Capital Lab was created to help Learning & Development leaders measure the impact on Business Outcomes.

Here’s how we’re different:

  1. We measure business outcomes
    – not learning outcomes. Memorization and recall isn’t real-life performance. We study the business impacts of learning.
  2. We isolate the impact
    of ROI studies. We can prove that it’s the learning intervention causing higher productivity among your employees engaged in the learning.
  3. Because of this, we can tell you your exact ROI.
Interested in how we can work together to measure your learning interventions?

Who’s Measuring What?

Current Practices in Learning Measurement

The State of Corporate Learning Measurement TodayWe did the research to find out.

How to Measure Your Learning Intervention White Paper

This is the step-by-step process of how we help you prove and value your learning interventions.