Accredited Education Programs for Learning Leaders

Bellevue University is widely recognized as a leader in defining the next generation of effective corporate learning. Our experts in human capital investment and management have been featured speakers at industry events and we have received leadership and innovation awards from leading national bodies, including the U.S. Distance Learning Association, Corporate University Best in Class, Chief Learning Officer, and Bersin & Associates.

Bellevue University’s Human Capital Lab™ is dedicated to discovering and publishing leading-edge findings relating human capital to productivity. These findings are integrated into Bellevue University learning programs:

For corporate learning leaders who want to design, manage, and measure human capital development.

Customize this master’s degree to your personal and professional goals. This dynamic degree is ideal for cross-discipline careers of the 21st century.

For human resource leaders who want to develop agile human capital in their organizations through recruitment, retention, and engagement.

Based on the knowledge being created by the Human Capital Lab, this one-of-a-kind program prepares learning leaders to embed the latest knowledge and practice on human capital creation and deployment into their organizations.