Making the Business Case for Soft Skills


Today’s workforce needs to be adaptable to keep up with the changes we’re experiencing and will continue to see. This study – reflecting the views of more than 600 Learning & Development Directors – demonstrates that the largest skills gaps exist among soft skills – or PowerSkills™ as we call them. The study shows how soft skills are being offered, assessed, and tracked and gives you a benchmark for how successful organizations teach soft skills. Add the study to your downloads now.

New research of over 600 L&D leaders indicates the importance of soft skills.

  • Employee skills gaps are widest around soft skills, and the gap is getting wider. The vast majority of L&D leaders are prioritizing soft skills training.
  • Most current soft skills assessment relies on anecdotal evidence, which is subjective and often unreliable.
  • Most L&D leaders are dissatisfied with their soft skills training.

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