FAQs – Communities of Practice

Human Capital Lab™

It’s a gathering of practitioners in a particular discipline who come together to share ideas, get support and information, and improve each other’s capabilities and performance. Each community takes on its own identity.

There is typically one or more facilitators for the community. They handle registrations, notices, and the meetings themselves.

Virtually using synchronous online meeting “rooms.” It will always be an option to meet up at conferences and events. That’s up to the members.

They’re from all over the world. Usually, a community starts out with a small core of participants, then grows through networking and word-of-mouth.

Initially, we’ll launch four communities in disciplines closely related to the Human Capital Lab’s mission:

  • Human Capital Management
  • Talent Development
  • Leadership
  • Distance Education

We’re looking for both community facilitators and participants. To get more information and to express your interests, click here.